Medlite IV Laser for Hair Removal

The Medlite IV laser makes it possible to remove unwanted hair quickly and with a minimum of discomfort or side effects.

The Medlite IV laser produces a burst of light energy that passes harmlessly through your skin and targets your hair follicles. Your skin will not be damaged, but the damage to the hair follicles will delay future growth for several months or longer.

You can schedule Medlite IV laser treatment at Family Dermatology of Marietta.

What to expect

During treatment, you will feel a warm sensation as the laser moves across your skin. You may also feel the pulsing of the laser. Treatment does not take very long per session and there is no need for recovery time before you return to normal activities.

After treatment, dark hair may turn white. It will slough off in 2-3 weeks. You can immediately shave off the visible hair if you prefer – doing so will not reduce the effectiveness of the laser treatment. Your skin may be slightly reddened for a brief time, but the laser treatment will not have any permanent effect on the color of your skin.

To achieve satisfactory results, you will need more than one treatment. This is because every single hair on your body is continually cycling through three phases. The timing and duration of these three phases will differ with the location on the body, your hair color and thickness, and other factors. Treatment is most effective when hair is in the growth phase, and since all of your hairs are at different phases at any time, it will take several treatments to catch each hair at the right time in its cycle.

Like any hair removal laser, the Medlite IV cannot remove all hair permanently. Most of your hair will grow back eventually, although it may come back thinner. The Medlite IV is most effective for people with dark hair. It is less effective on blond hair and has no effect on white hair.

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